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Book Four!

book4aflareFixedb2mbKael’s most trusted protector has been taken, and his home planet of Trinoor is still in the grips of the tech-virus unleashed by his brother Fyth. In the fourth installation of the Kael Jai series, Raef’s genetically enhanced wy’tche allies with Fyth to mastermind the capture of Kael Jai himself. With their technology crippled, Kael’s new army struggles to free him. If he survives Fyth’s prison and the beatings he receives daily, Kael’s only chance to save Sylph, and his world, may be to kill his own brother.

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KaelJaiBookTwoCoverNewTitle5.0 out of 5 stars for The Keeper.
I was not disappointed with this second book in E July 7, 2014

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And the action continues. I was not disappointed with this second book in E.J. Deen’s Kael Jai Series. These characters are really growing on me. Book Two, The Keeper focuses on Sylph, Kael Jai’s Benagh priejst keeper, which is somewhat like having a really cool, highly technologically advanced, spiritual martial artis, personal guard that follows you everywhere. Only, in this book, Sylph leaves Kael and goes to Earth to protect Eva. And that’s when it gets shaky for Sylph because he is facing an unknown, unseen enemy that has tech even better than his. This book let’s Sylph grow quite nicely, while the reader falls more in love with the gorgeous alien. Sylph feels fear, shows a depth of emotion not seen in Book One, and fights for his life like nothing-doing. This story has depth, action, emotion, adventure, and…I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the author definitely leaves us with a cliffhanger at the end. I can’t wait for book three. I hope the author continues this series for a very long time. I will definitely buy all of them, and will be a fan for life.

MalevolentAudibleCoverElliott Grey refuses to believe. As a top-notch journalist for a Seattle-based magazine, he is trained to have an open mind. But he simply refuses to believe extra-terrestrials actually exist. After a disturbing interview with a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens, Elliott is plagued by nightmares of his own abduction. Terrorized and tortured by entities he cannot understand, Elliot has come face to face with his unbelief. He is a marked man, and he soon learns it is futile to run. There is no escaping the malevolent force that has targeted him. He can trust no one, no thing. Only himself.



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Kael Jai finds himself in the fight of his life when an unknown enemy begins invading his dreams. The device he left on Earth suddenly begins to send out a signal, and he urges Sylph to journey to Earth to protect Eva and Sam. But when Sylph arrives, he is stunned to realize that he is not alone on Earth, and the enemy he must fight has no name and no face. Incapacitated by a tech-virus, he is fighting not only to save Eva and Sam but to save himself and all that he holds dear.

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EvaEva: The young woman who finds herself caught between Kael Jai and the first Sulcrum who comes to kill Kael Jai on earth.  She becomes imprinted by the Sulcrum, and Kael Jai must then protect her.  She is blonde, with bright blue eyes, and stands at 5’4”.


sylphSylph:  The young Benagh priejst who was sent to earth to find Kael Jai, to protect him, and to bring him back to Trinoor.  Sylph swears an oath to Kael Jai, and therefore becomes his Keeper, the priejst sworn to protect the Jai’lagh at all costs.  Sylph is Benagh, a part of the priejsthaed, and possesses priejst tech that makes him unmatched in battle.  He stands at 6’ 5”, is lean and muscular and has the long, white-blonde hair and silver-grey eyes of all Benagh priejsts.