Kael Jai:

The young ruler of the province of Jai on the planet Trinoor. He is Sinestran by birth and possesses the jet-black hair, luminous green eyes, and poison barb of the Sinestran race. He stands at 6’5” and is well muscled and a formidable fighter. Son of King Kae’nu, who gained the trust of the priesjthaed and united the three provinces of Trinoor in a reign of peace. Kael Jai fought the warlord Jindom and was cast out of his home and sent to earth for his own safety.


The young Benagh priejst who was sent to earth to find Kael Jai, to protect him, and to bring him back to Trinoor. Sylph swears an oath to Kael Jai, and therefore becomes his Keeper, the priejst sworn to protect the Jai’lagh at all costs. Sylph is Benagh, a part of the priejsthaed, and possesses priejst tech that makes him unmatched in battle. He stands at 6’ 5”, is lean and muscular and has the long, white-blonde hair and silver-grey eyes of all Benagh priejsts.


The young woman who finds herself caught between Kael Jai and the first Sulcrum who comes to kill Kael Jai on earth. She becomes imprinted by the Sulcrum, and Kael Jai must then protect her. She is blonde, with bright blue eyes, and stands at 5’4”.



High-tech killing machine.


Eva’s best friend. Sam is human, has curly brown-hair, and brown-eyes. He stands 5’9” tall. He’s the genius geek who aids Kael Jai and Sylph.


The Zolarian warlord who opposes Kael Jai in (Book One) Kael Jai: Outcast.


The Benagh woman, outcast by the priesjthaed who becomes Jindom’s wy’tche in (Book One) Kael Jai: Outcast.  She is the most beautiful woman in Trinoor and has the long, white-blonde hair of the Benagh, with superior psychic abilities, and unusual silver-blue eyes.


A Benagh priejst, sent to earth to help Sylph and Kael Jai escape the Sulcrum sent by Jindom and return home to Trinoor.


A Benagh priejstess. She is Sylph’s lover. She becomes Eva’s Keeper when she is sent to earth to find Sylph, Eva, and Sam in (Book Two) Kael Jai: The Keeper.


A Benagh priejstess who accompanies Aniya to earth to help find Eva and Sam in (Book Two) Kael Jai: The Keeper.

John Morano:

A detective with the NYPD police department. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes, stands at 6’ 2” and has a muscular physique. He is intelligent, inquisitive, and adept at mixed fighting skills.


One of the lead scientists of the priejsthaed. He works closely with Kael Jai to help save Trinoor from the enemy.


Kael Jai’s nemesis in Books 3 + 4.

Rick Morano:

John Morano’s brother. He is a colonel in the United States Air Force. He stands at 6’ 1”, has a lean but muscular build, and a dusky skin-tone.


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